Jobs. Forme e spazi del lavoro

Quodlibet/ Linea di Confine, 2022

Curated by Antonello Frongia, Stefano Munarin e Federico Zanfi
Designed by Filippo Nostri

256 pages
205 x 273 mm

This book is the result of an interdisciplinary investigation carried out by a group of both urban planners and photographers into the spaces and forms of work in Central Emilia. Focusing on four productive sectors – manufacturing, agri-food, logistics and the advanced tertiary sector – for several months, eight researchers crossed paths and gazes reciprocally, gathering a range of visual clues and statistical input, listening to people’s stories and drawing new maps, all in the attempt to piece together a solid and contemporary image of work and to understand just how the territory is changing in the age of an increasingly elusive and immaterial ‘new economy’.